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Radio Rivendell is the one and only fantasy radio station in the world playing fantasy music 24-7! We like to promote young and unknown artists and bands to the broader audience. 

Our high quality music is great for gaming sessions, writing, studying or any type of other purpose when you need great instrumental music! We have been running straight since 2001 and have grown and evolved considerably since we started. We hope you will like what you see and hear here on Radio Rivendell and hope you join our growing community!

  • New music on the air!

    New music on the air!

    1 May, 2016 • Elrond0 comments

    Today I bring you new music from the following artists! Earthdawn by X-Score Dragon's Breath by Tincolindo Denny Schneidemesser Tracks by Inon Zur, Conjurer and Caleb Faith Enjoy!

  • Track information is back!

    Track information is back!

    14 April, 2016 • Elrond9 comments

    Finally! I just brought back the track information on what's on the air! It's back in the webplayer and on the site. Voting should then also be back to normal. So log in and start rating again!

  • Member registration now active again!

    Member registration now active again!

    8 April, 2016 • Elrond1 comments

    I've activated the user registration again, so all new members will get activated when clicking the confirmation mail. Hopefully we'll not get invaded by Mordor again (spammers) :)

  • New album coming from Inon Zur!

    New album coming from Inon Zur!

    3 April, 2016 • Elrond0 comments

    Inon Zur announces forthcoming fantasy album with new original song and music video, "Meneleya"

  • [Updated] Spambots from Mordor, Rivendell back again

    [Updated] Spambots from Mordor, Rivendell back again

    31 March, 2016 • Elrond3 comments

    We're have been under attack from asian spambots. It totally flooded our forums so I had to close down users from logging in, and I have also had to disable the registration of new members. From now you are able to login again, and accounts can be created again. I will however need to manually approve new accounts for a little while. Sorry for the trouble!

  • New music on the air!

    New music on the air!

    27 March, 2016 • Elrond0 comments

    Finally! I've gotten some of my act together and I bring you music from the following talented crowd:  Laura Olson – Moon Trees and Sun Seas Francisco Nogueiras – Nexus Nemuer – Labyrinth of Druids Phantawalker – Back From Erathia Everlasting Dream – Fallen Angels A new track by Ty Berry Enjoy!