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Radio Rivendell is the one and only fantasy radio station in the world playing fantasy music 24-7! We like to promote young and unknown artists and bands to the broader audience. 

Our high quality music is great for gaming sessions, writing, studying or any type of other purpose when you need great instrumental music! We have been online since 2001 and have grown and evolved considerably since we started. We hope you will like what you see and hear here on Radio Rivendell and hope you join our growing community!

  • New track by Inon Zur!

    New track by Inon Zur!

    20 May, 2019 • Elrond1 comments

    Inon Zur's forthcoming album “Into The Storm” is on the horizon! But before it's released you'll be able to listen to his latest track "Shelaya", both here on the radio as well as on all major streaming services.  You are also able to pre-order the album and stream the track right now! The album is inspired by the music he wrote for the Dragon Age series and other fantasy RPG games featuring singer/songwriter Aubrey Ashburn of Dragon Age fame.

  • Music by Enchanted and The Slanted Room

    Music by Enchanted and The Slanted Room

    17 May, 2019 • Elrond2 comments

    Today we bring you an album by the Finnish band Enchanted plus an album and various tracks by The Slanted Room, plus two new tracks by Vinnie Johnson. Enjoy!

  • Even more music!

    Even more music!

    27 April, 2019 • Elrond1 comments

    Today we bring you two albums by Aaron Dunn and one big set of tracks from Dustin Naegel. Enjoy!

  • More new music on the air!

    More new music on the air!

    26 April, 2019 • Elrond1 comments

    Today we bring you four albums by Danheim as well as a track by Marc Rattue. Even more music coming this weekend!  Enjoy!

  • Last donations

    Last donations

    26 April, 2019 • Elrond0 comments

    Today we thank our monthly donor's Tim Densham, Tyler, Pinwheel and Lars Kroll. Thanks guys!