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Radio Rivendell is the one and only fantasy radio station in the world playing fantasy music 24-7! We like to promote young and unknown artists and bands to the broader audience. 

Our high quality music is great for gaming sessions, writing, studying or any type of other purpose when you need great instrumental music! We have been online since 2001 and have grown and evolved considerably since we started. We hope you will like what you see and hear here on Radio Rivendell and hope you join our growing community!

  • Passwords removed, radio is still alive!

    Passwords removed, radio is still alive!

    28 April, 2020 • Elrond2 comments

    I got notified about a possible breach (hopefully just a scam) so I have deleted all passwords in case. It would probably be too late anyway. So please change your passwords if you have used the same passwords anywhere! (Which you of course shouldn't anyways). The radio itself is still alive even though the website more or less has crashed. Tune in to which is where the main radio server is hosted to listen! …

  • Break, broken, broken…

    Break, broken, broken…

    31 January, 2020 • Elrond4 comments

    First of all, the good news is that our radio still works as usual!  But then most of our other stuff (writing on the forums etc.) is broken sadly enough, as you probably have noted by now. This is due to an automatic database upgrade that happend without my knowledge. Another good news is that due to this, I can probably start installing new stuff since the old doesn't work that well anyway! :-)

  • Latest donations

    Latest donations

    31 January, 2020 • Elrond3 comments

    Welcome to the new year! A big thank you goes out to our monthly donors Tyler, Tim, Charles and Lars, thanks guys!    Donate today  Become a Patron!

  • New music yet again!

    New music yet again!

    25 October, 2019 • Elrond5 comments

    Today we bring you music by Cornell Kinderknecht, Gealdýr and MARTH. Enjoy!

  • Things are broken!

    Things are broken!

    30 September, 2019 • Elrond2 comments

    Hmm... it seems there's a serious issue with the database! I think the host has updated the database version and this has caused some (or most?) of the scripts to fail. The forum seems bugged for sure!  So be aware that we're halfway to Mordor at this moment and that things might not work as expected! I will try to get this resolved.

  • Last months donations

    Last month's donations

    30 September, 2019 • Elrond2 comments

    First a big shout out to our monthly donors Tyler, Tim, Charles and Lars, thank you guys! We also take the time to yet again thank John J Shabunas for his kind donation! Also, it's time we properly thanked our Patrons! A bit thank you goes to Alexander, Arcégis, Ben, Carlo, Karoline, Kat and Stephanie. Thank you all!   Donate today  Become a Patron!