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Fantasy music from Rivendell!

Radio Rivendell is the one and only fantasy radio station in the world playing fantasy music 24-7! We like to promote young and unknown artists and bands to the broader audience. 

Our high quality music is great for gaming sessions, writing, studying or any type of other purpose when you need great instrumental music! We have been online since 2001 and have grown and evolved considerably since we started. We hope you will like what you see and hear here on Radio Rivendell and hope you join our growing community!

  • Radio offline for a while!

    Radio offline for a while!

    21 May, 2017 • Elrond5 comments

    Radio Rivendell will be silent for a while due to a server (and house) move. I will work hard to get us back online as soon as possible! I'm afraid I cannot answer WHEN this will happen, but hopefully soon.

  • Latest donations

    Latest donations

    18 March, 2017 • Elrond0 comments

    We're very grateful for our donors, and first and foremost a huge thanks to our monthly donors Tyler and Charles Houlton. Then also this month, big thanks to Dubnio!

  • New batch with music!

    New batch with music!

    5 February, 2017 • Elrond1 comments

    Today I bring you a new batch of music, almost 100 new songs for your listening pleasure! Erdenstern – "Aqua" Orkpack – "Spha╠łrenklang - Die streitenden Ko╠łnigreiche" Omri Lahav – "0 AD and Eclipse" Elias Luukkanen – "Story of Melody" Tracks by Brian Jilg, EarGsm and Smirnov Nickolay Enjoy!

  • First donations of the year!

    First donations of the year!

    4 February, 2017 • Elrond0 comments

    The first humble and kind donations to Elrond and Radio Rivendell is in! Deep bows and huge thanks goes out to the following kind people: Everstar, xcartablancax and the monthly donors Charles Houlton and Tyler. Donate today

  • Last donations from 2016

    Last donations from 2016

    5 January, 2017 • Elrond0 comments

    The last donations received from 2016 were from Charles Houlton and Tyler. Thank you guys!

  • Elrond a bit lost in the woods

    Elrond a bit lost in the woods

    11 December, 2016 • Elrond9 comments

    As most of you might have noticed, I've been away wandering a little more than usual lately. It's because I've got two little elflings "placed on my doorstep". So I've been very busy lately and I will be quite busy for a while. So expect slower answers and updates than usual :)