The return of Radio Rivendell

The return of Radio Rivendell


This is a little letter from your creator. Oh, not the big one, but the one who created Radio Rivendell. It was originally posted on our Patreon page, but reposted here.

I mainly made Radio Rivendell for fun in my spare time, but the fact that people actually listen and love what the site does for them is what's driving me to continue.

Radio Rivendell was created back in 2001 in my little one bedroom apartment on an old and used computer running Winamp on Windows XP. And now here we are... 20 (!) years later still running strong!

We've seen better days for sure, but we're bouncing back, our aim is to return to the glory where we were ten years or so. It will take some time for sure, but we'll get there.

And it's here were you come in, being it patrons, donors, listeners, forum posters, "lurkers" or just silent bystanders. By becoming a patron you'll support the radio and the work I do. Spare time is scarce and donations help me knife away on work-time to direct more attention to Radio Rivendell instead. So thank you all for your support so far and for all the support Radio

Rivendell will get in the future!

We are coming back, 20 more years!


Sincerely yours,

Anders, aka Lord Elrond


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