Connect to your Patreon account!

Connect to your Patreon account!

I've just deployed the feature to connect your Patreon account to your login at Radio Rivendell, try it out if you are an active patron!

Currently there is no direct features available, but I'll implement things as we go. Now at least there's a way! 😊

When logged in, go to My Rivendell in the menu and click "Login to Patreon" to connect your login to your Patreon account. 

If you are not a patron today, why not become a patron today! 😊

Note that this is in a some what early beta stage so far and I'll squeeze bugs and add features as we go along. For example there is no way to remove this connection from our end, and there's no "refresh function" if you update your patronage or if it is expired. But feel free to try it out!

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