Thank you all for 2022!

Thank you all for 2022!

Thank you all for a great 2022! I'm very grateful for all you contributions from the year being it on Patreon, Paypal or Ko-Fi, it's what makes me continue working on the site when I have the chance. We've seen old funcationality coming back like the forum and pretty soon we will see the return of the music rating too. Next year will hopefully become even better!


So a big salute and thank you does to the following rivendwellers for the very kind donations during the year (in no particular order):

Tyler, Kirk Treanor, Florian Hirt, Robin Jacot, Maria Antonsen, Christoph Eichhorn, Karoline Fagertun, Mike Vuoncino, Charles Houlton, Stephanie, Arclayn MoonSword, Rafal Krypa, Dave Molinero, Brian Duncan, Carlo, Michael Babbitt, Synjari, Andreas Franz, M F, Marcel Aubron-Bülles, Cream, Mark Adam Thomas, Sidalir, V, Bartosz Błaszkiewicz, Ben Bartels, Phat Gordon and Melandrhild Ulfensdottir.

At last but not least, all of you who have participated in forum threads, comments and encouraging emails and music contributors!

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