Vacation, trouble and new server

Vacation, trouble and new server

As many of you have noticed... I was off on vacation when the old account was closed. So we were without a webserver for a while. I don't know for how long, but we should be up and running somewhat on the new machine now, utilizing the new design. Nothing is finished yet, but I will be working hard on it. I will prioritize the forum and then getting the "Now Playing" to work again. The forced switch of the webserver and my vacation occurred at the same time, messing things up considerably, I really appologize! 

But finally! We are live with the new design and the new code for the site. It will be MUCH simpler for me now to update and add things to our precious site!

Also... you will notice that MANY pages and things have gone missing, but I'll add stuff as time goes by. I hope you can live with some chaos for a little while. Hopefully it will be more action on the new site compared to our old one.



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