Jackson Reveals More About The Hobbit Films

Producer/director Peter Jackson talked with our friends from SciFi Wire at this past Comic Con about the upcoming Hobbit films:

  • The script for the first film is complete.
  • Full casting has yet to be decided, but that process is likely to begin after the script gets turned over to the studio which takes place in about three weeks.
  • The entire Hobbit saga will take two films which, like LOTR, will be filmed back-to-back.
  • Both films will center on the book material and won't act as a bridge between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • Jackson reveals why he opted out of the director's chair and wanted Gullermo del Toro for the center seat.
  • Tentative release dates for the films are: Film One - December 2011; Film Two - December 2012.



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