Updates done

Updates done

You will hopefully not notice anything of the changes made during Saturday. The database structure was reworked a bit and a few bugs fixed. When failing to log in now will get you back to the page where you tried to log in. The weird white login page is now removed. There is however something strange when logging out. You'll just end up on a blank page. You'll see the correct page if you just reload. I have no idea at the moment why this happens.

What did I do today then? What whas the site down? It had to do with an update of the content manangement system. Since it involved a quite large database change I had to take it down completely. During the migration I found a few bugs and fixed them. I also had to convert bunches of older code so that it's compatible with the new version of the system. This was hopefully the last of the big modifications. Now I'll be able to put energy into building the things I want to do!



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