News on the new Conan movie

News on the new Conan movie

News has emerged about the the new Conan movie. The following is from an article posted on IGN ( the 27th of October by Jim Vejvoda:

"The new Conan the Barbarian movie will reportedly begin filming February 15 in Bulgaria.

Conan movieThat news comes via Moviehole, which has also seen some casting breakdowns for the Marcus Nispel-directed sword & sorcery project. They describe Conan as being in his 20s to early 30s (Arnold Schwarzenegger was 35 when the 1982 movie opened) and "Caucasian, powerfully built, broad-shouldered, sun browned skin lined with scars. Piercing blue eyes and square-cut black mane, tall."

The character breakdown continued: "Being the last of his tribe and having to watch his father die a cruel death, he is determined avenge his peoples slaughter by killing all those who led the attack on the Cimmerians, including the all-powerful Khalar Singh. He is prepared to die in order to accomplish his goal. What Conan did not expect, was to find a reason to live." Conan's dad is Corin.

Khalar Singh, meanwhile, "is driven in his quest to find the Queen of Acheron and has been building an empire to do so. His goal is to find the Queen whose blood will bring life to the demonic minions of Acheron while making himself king of this hellish power."

The female lead is Tamara, an 18-24 year-old Caucasian or Middle Eastern beauty. "A master of martial arts, she has been trained to be the Queen's servant, bodyguard and best friend. She and many other female bodyguards to the queen have been in hiding most of their lives because of the curse of Acheron, which would take the queen's life to bring almost immortal power to its king," according to the breakdown."

Check out Moviehole for further details on all the characters.



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