Mad with Wonder competition winners!

Mad with Wonder competition winners!

Mad with WonderOur latest competition where you compete amongst other braves to win Hatter M's Volume 2 graphic novel "Mad with Wonder" closed last Friday. And Lord Elrond is proud to announce the winners!

We will ship out copies of the graphic novel out to Andreas Grabski and Ryan Ligon, congratulations!

Here are the correct answers as well:

1. What is Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars series re-imagining?
Alice in Wonderland

2. What is Hatter Madigan's favorite type of weapon?

3. Artwork for the Hatter M. Vol. 1 graphic novel was done by what famous graphic artist?
Ben Templesmith

Thank you all for taking part, and look out for more competitions here on Radio Rivendell!

(We will ship the itmes as soon as we can, thought due to a virus crash Lord Elrond this might take a few :-S)



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