Fantasy Awards 2009!

Fantasy Awards 2009!

2009 is nearing its end, and everybody is preparing for winter, holidays, skiing, celebration, eggnog, and some for more work. Here in Rivendell we prepare for the big event next year - the annual Radio Rivendell Fantasy Awards!

Our lady Maven has started a thread in our forums where you can submit your suggestions for nominations in our different categories. Remember, the deeds have to be done during this year, i.e 2009! Our categories aren't fully set yet, but it will probably be the same as last year, that is as listed below. Most of them are self-explanatory. 

  • Best Fantasy Game Soundtrack/Album
  • Best Fantasy Song
  • Best Original Artwork
  • Best Independent Artist
  • Best Fantasy Film or TV Soundtrack
  • Best Fantasy Album
  • Best Fantasy Composer
  • Best Original Writing in which we pick the best poem 
  • Horizon Award where we will pick someone, who's quite new to the scene and whose talent has grown considerably during the year and who we expect great deeds from during the following years.
  • Elrond's Council Award where Elrond himself picks someone from our community who has provided a lot during the year

Head over to the forum and help out with the nominations!



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