What is Winamp?

WinAMP (Windows Audio MPEG Player) is a program from Nullsoft that allows PC users to play audio files, particularly music,
in many (but not all) popular digital audio formats, including MS-Audio, wav, and MP3.

With WinAMP, it is possible to listen to SHOUTcast streaming radio broadcasts (for example, Radio Rivendell).

The program allows the user to convert audio from analog tape recorders, phonographs, and other media to MP3 digital format,
and it allows the user to burn MP3 files onto CDs. WinAMP can be configured to periodically scan folders on a computer hard drive for new media.

WinAMP includes various skins (graphical user interface designs) from which to choose. Users can design their own skins and publish
them at the WinAMP Web site. A Macintosh version of the program, called MacAMP, is available.

Download Winamp at http://www.winamp.com



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