Radio Rivendell Compilation 3!

Radio Rivendell Compilation 3!

As some of you heard yesterday on our Twitter feed, we have got a green light from Waerloga Records on a third compilation CD! We are very happy and excited for this project, it's currently only in an early planning and idea stage yet. But it will see the light during 2010! Stay tuned here for more information!

Radio Rivendell Compilation CD 1

Compilation One

The first CD featured artists such as Markus Holler, Wilbert Roget II, Dimitrij Volstoj and Helen Trevillion among others. There was no specific theme for the first compilation, but the fantasy feeling was intense!

The CD can of course still be bought from our webshop!

Book of War - CD2Compilation Two - The Book of War

Our second CD featured artists such as Sully Koba, Erdenstern, Zmei Gorinich, Za Frûmi, Sean Beeson and many more. The theme for the second CD was as the title hints "war" and destruction.

This CDs is also in our webshop, buy it today!

When you buy CDs from our webshop you don't just get excellent new fantasy music you never heard before (almost all tracks featured are specifically written and produced for these CDs!) but you also support Radio Rivendell. We use revenues to produce more CDs, such as our third forthcoming compilation!



maven 14 January, 2010 at 19:11 0

Cool beans!

Senthoi 15 January, 2010 at 00:58 0

That is fantastic news! Looking forward to grabbing a copy.

coldnpale 15 January, 2010 at 11:30 0

That is great news indeed!