Fantasy Awards 2009!

Fantasy Awards 2009!

Alright, 2009 is over and it's about time we settle the score and start picking our nominees for the best fantasy happenings for last year!

We have set up a thread in the forum were you can post hints on who you would like to see as a nominee. We have the same categories from last year. Our Council will pick four nominees in each category and then you will be able to cast your vote on who you think shall win! We will of course distribute prizes among you who vote, so participating and voting is important!

Head over to the forum now and give us your suggestions! Rember, it's for things done during 2009 that we are focusing on here. Newer or older suggestions will not be part here.

We will also do the whole process quicker than last year. Last year was a troublesome year for Rivendell with move to a new server, new software and different updates. Now we are gaining speed and the administration of the whole things has been more automated. So expect things not take the full year as it did 2009 ;)



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