Updated Rivendell Flash player!

Updated Rivendell Flash player!

I've updated our flash player now, it's getting quite nice! Using our Flash player should work in all browsers where Adobe Flash is installed. Remember it's still beta, so you are more than welcome to find errors and report them here!

The new player is previewing what might be a new look to Radio Rivendell. Yes, I'm still working on the design, trying to improve bits and pieces here and there. Now I hopefully will bring you more fantasy feeling, something that had been lost in the last incarnation.

Radio Rivendell Flash Player

The image will later be replace by the cover of the album / game. But we'll have to live with a painted picture of our beloved Rivendell.

How do I use it then? Yes, just click More listening options below the big red listen button. Now you'll be served with a list of listening options, click the bottom most one that reads "128 kbit MP3" below the heading Browser Player (Flash). Now a clicking the big "Listen" button will open the player and music will play! A cookie has also been set so that when you return Rivendell remembers your setting and the player will directly. You can also see just below the Listen button what your setting is.

You can also stop and restart the music by clicking the button. Closing the window will of course also quit the player.

Remember that this is still in beta stage, so things will change eventually. It has only been tested in Firefox yet, but should work in other browsers. If it doesn't, holler!



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