Rating is back! (Early beta)

Rating is back! (Early beta)

Yes! Finally! I've been working the weekend (yes, on my birthday) with getting the rating functionality back online. I've rebuilt the whole rating process some of you might remember from before. Here's what's new:

  • It's fully AJAX-driven without the annoying popup we had before. So it's a lot quicker an cleaner than before!
  • The average rating is quickly updated and displayed just the second after you rated the item
  • Removed rating on composers and albums. Their grades should come from the tracks they've composed.
  • You won't be able to try to rate at all unless you are logged in, earlier those clicks were caught and a login form was displayed. This won't happen now. Login to rate!
  • All old rates and comments are still intact, nothing has been scrapped

What is NOT yet included:

  • I haven't included the average album and artist rating yet. It will come!
  • Still a lot of data is still missing from the database, that's why you get a lot of "Ooops"-messages when clicking on songs, albums and artists (unless you get the error below)
  • Special characters in titles and names (such as ; , " ' etc.) doesn't work that well yet. That will cause an invalid address and an extremely annoying error page. Just hit Back and ignore it for now ;)
  • Comments are not yet displayed, they will come later

I have also started to work on a XML-feed for the current playing track, which will make life much easier for me but also open up for possibilities for use in other weird third-party-plugins and such (your own blog, facebook, what not). I will present this in depth later when I've settled the format.

So remember that this is a beta still, but it works fine in Firefox for those tracks that don't cause any of the errors mentioned above. Please report issues and ideas in the comments! Does it work in Internet Explorer? Do you have any thoughts? Speak to me! :-)



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