Rating is here, for real!

Rating is here, for real!

Yay! Finally! The rating functionality has been brought back for real. You should try it out and report issues here in this post as comments.

Things to know about the current rating functionality (still not totally polished yet):

  • REMEMBER! You can only rate if you are logged in, so create an account if you don't have one!
  • Rating can NOT be done through the flash-based radio player, yet. It will come!
  • You can only rate items which are present in our database. We have lots of tracks that haven't been inserted there yet. Simply enough you won't see any "stars" below so you'll see what you can rate and what not to.
  • I haven't tested this out in any of the Internet Exploder versions. It will most probably NOT work in IE6, but you should avoid that one anyways. Please try out IE7 and IE8 and report in the comments below!
  • It works fine in Firefox (v3.6), Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 8!

Album artwork (or artist picture) will be displayed too if there are images for the song. Another bonus feature today is that you will see the total number of listeners tuned in to Radio Rivendell! This is displayed in the upper left corner of the site. Cool huh? :)



Daimonion 15 February, 2010 at 20:24 0

For me it works perfect. Thanks again for your hard work :-)

Lord Elrond 16 February, 2010 at 10:52 0

I just tested IE8 and it seems to work just fine! Anyone tried out IE7?