World of Warcraft - The Movie

World of Warcraft - The Movie

World of WarcraftAccording to (January 2010) there is currently no confirmation that the lead character will be an existing character in Warcraft lore. Raimi said in his October interview that he wanted to make a film about the game itself, meaning a film that features the land and lore of Azeroth. Chris Metzen said at Blizzcon 2007, that the Warcraft movie will definitely be a war movie, not a quest movie like The Lord of the Rings. Given Rodat was picked for the script, this fits the bill.

There is speculation that Raimi, having left the Spiderman 4 project, would be able to turn his attention to the Warcraft film. But the projected 2011 release date doesn't seem possible now.

There is no confirmation on a shooting location yet, but rumors at Ain't It Cool News mention Raimi is in communication with "a certain legendary locale." This may mean that we will soon be seeing more of New Zealand. (But with Jackson & Co. starting shooting on "The Hobbit" there this July, there could be a real live fantasy war as LOTR & WOW armies fight it out for the best locations.)



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