True Windows Media Player support and more!

True Windows Media Player support and more!

Today we've added real for support Windows Media Player for the "Listen button"! So you will now be able to more easily tune in to Radio Rivendell using Microsoft Windows Media Player on Windows. Just select that player under "More listening options". Next time you come to the site this selection will be preselected for you automatically as we store what you chose in a cookie. So next time you just hit "Listen"! We've also renamed the different quality settings to the more useful format "High" and "Low" instead of the cryptic 128kbit and 64kbit.

Servers are also sorted on available slots, so your player will try to connect to the biggest server with the most available slots right away. You should always get tuned in as stopped servers will not show up at all. We hope this update will help more people to listen to Radio Rivendell! Report below with a comment below on how it works for you!




Daimonion 27 May, 2010 at 20:51 0

Thanks. Will use this player now