Strong set of relay servers, and more

Strong set of relay servers, and more

Our current set of relay servers are growing and we're getting a pretty solid base of servers to please your ears! Currently we have four high quality stereo relay servers (128kbit) and one serving 64kbit mono as well as one for AAC streams. This is very happy news for us!

We've also been tinkering more with our server scripts and connecting have been easier since we automatically remove all servers that have stopped relaying for some reason. So when pressing "Listen" you should always get connected to the least busy server.

Oh, and one more thing... Today I just tried a new thing in Safari for OSX. It can actually stream from any radio server without the need of the Flash Plugin! I'll try to see if this is a useful way to go for this browser, it would make it easier for the web player, at least in Safari.

I've also investigated a little into the field of iPhones and iPads to make it easier to tune in using any of those gadgets :-)



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