We got an iPhone app!

We got an iPhone app!

John over at 4CM Network has released the first initial version of our official Radio Rivendell application for Apple's iPhone! It's currently developed for iOS4 but is reported to work on version 3 as well. That's something that will be corrected for next version.

Try it out and report back in our forums if you have ideas or suggestions

  • Download now! or search for "radio rivendell" in the app store



Wolftrait 19 August, 2010 at 18:55 0

Yes! I've already been listening to the station through other radio apps, but I'm finally glad that there is an exclusive one for Radio Rivendell.

I love that you guys added an option for low, and high internet speeds. The art is also pretty neat. One thing that'd make the app even stronger is the ability to play on the background without it having to rely on the browser in order to allow multitasking with the safari browser. Another nice feature to have would be the ability to know what tracks are playing, and being able to rate them as well.

The app is still awesome, thanks for making it possible.

johnabela 21 August, 2010 at 22:20 0

Hey Wolftrait,

Background playing is not supported any other way than using the browser - at least on everything other than iOS 4 devices. How I have done it is pretty much how every other radio player does it.

Now with the maturity of iOS 4 we are finally being able to run audio in the background - but it is far from easy to do and the process of getting apple to approve it is not easy. They do not like features that replace their "iPod" player that is built into their devices. Hopefully over the next few months I will be able to get it working.

The "whats playing" is coming in a very near update! At this point I am trying to decide if I should include it on a whole other screen (such as the "low/high/web/about") or if I should just include it on the player page.

If I throw it on the individual player pages (high/low) I will not be able to include the song album art - unless I remove the existing image I have on each of those pages.

If I put it on a screen all by itself I should have room for the album art, the song title, the artist, and maybe a link to buy it from itunes.

So, yeah, very much want to bring this feature to a near-future-version... I just have to decide how to best do it - and how I can do it that Apple won't reject it :D

Thanks for the review!

John B. Abela
4CM Network

johnabela 26 August, 2010 at 23:16 0

Hey Everybody,

Version 1.1 was released today.

This latest version contains the following updates:

(1) The ability to run the app on iOS 1.2.x devices (so this means older iphones and ipads in standard iphone mode)

(2) Some typo fixes and a removal of the splashscreen.

(3) Some memory leak fixes.

I did not include the "what is playing" in this version, because I felt it was more important to push out a version for older iphone's first. This will hopefully be in the next version, along with a nicer interaction (pinch/zoom) on the website tab. Also in the next version I will add a link to the "[url=http://www.radiorivendell.com/page/donate/]donate to radio rivendell[/url]" to hopefully help generate some additional financial support for RR. The donations will go directly to Radio Rivendell and not myself (nor 4CM Network). In the next version I will hopefully fix the issue of background playing in iOS 4. There will be very little I can do about those who are not using iOS 4, but there is a fix for those using iOS 4. I just have to get it working.

Thank you,
John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, 4CM Network.