Into the unknown with Erdenstern!

Into the unknown with Erdenstern!

Our long friends of Erdenstern is planning a new journey, this time into the unknown! And they want YOU to join in on their travels. Read their pressrelease below and take part in the planning and help out in deciding where to go, how deep and how far!


Erdenstern has released about twelve hours of music by now, over 200 pieces to suit various themes in role playing games – but maybe you still lack the musical backdrop for a special situation? A pagan ritual among mountain people? A séance in a victorian salon? Difficult decisions on the bridge? A riot in a insane asylum?

On the eighth album in our Library Of Fantastic Music, you are the director! We want your wishes, suggestions and ideas, we want to know what you still lack for your campaign. This time, however, we are not looking for one concept for the entire album, but topics for individual pieces - which need not match each other - that together will form a very diverse fantastic journey.

If you want us to, we will cross worlds, times and genres - there are no limits to your imagination! We collect the suggestions and then give you a selection for a vote. We will compose music for the topics that get the most votes.

We don't yet know how the album will be called - the title will be the result of the combination of topics. Up to then, we will call it „Into The Unknown“.

We look forward to many ideas! Please send them to or submit them under



Harry 7 March, 2011 at 21:21 0

Would love to hear some music suitable as a background for a really intense and brutal torture/interrogation scene, and/or for high-minded political themes a la George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice And Fire novels.