Done with updates for today!

Done with updates for today!

I think I'm finished with today's maintenance updates for now! Nothing much really has changed for you guys, except you'll see dropdown menus in the main menu, making it quicker to get to what you want. I have also moved the pages around a bit to make it more logical.

The big change today was to restructure and optimize the music rating. Earlier it was kind of awkward and we could actually show the wrong average score for a song. This has now been corrected resulting in performance increases when viewing songs and albums.

Oh, and I have forced the live downpour to be snow from December through February. So we can get that wintery feeling. It's quite boring to have rain in December when we should have nice and fluffy snow :) 


Tags: bugfixes, improvements



Ioanna 12 December, 2011 at 15:17 1

The next poll should be: How much time per week do you think Lord Elrond spends on building and tweaking Radio Rivendell...?


Elrond 12 December, 2011 at 19:25 0

Haha, I spend nearly too much time doing that ;) So far in December it's more than 12 hours :) But it's so much fun and actually pretty rewarding to see people join and return. And the new site theme makes it more fun too :)