Doing some updates (done!)

Doing some updates (done!)

I have installed a few updates to the site to make things faster and more easy on the server, as well as fixing some bugs. I consider myself done for today. Report anything that looks weird or doesn't work in the comments below!

New features

  • Bigger and more obvious play button
  • Modified level tiers a little. Now it's a little easier to go to following levels after level 6
  • A little note in the top right corner with interesting dates
  • New page – Top members!
  • XP bar on your profile page!
  • Performance boost, mainly in the database
  • New blank default avatar
  • Corrected a bug where the forum accidently marked a forum as read when there were actually more unread topics.

Known bugs

  • I had to remove a few old accounts, I hope none of you where affected negatively. This was due to multiple email addresses had been created. Don't know why this has happened, but all doubles where deleted.
  • Scrolling down mess things up with the tune in button in the webplayer (Fixed)
  • Dropdown menus don't work anymore (Fixed)
  • Webplayer doesn't work anymore (Fixed)
  • Menu isn't working (Fixed)
  • Problems logging in (Fixed)
  • Ugly login popup (Fixed)
  • Link to startpage missing in the menu (Fixed)
  • Avatars aren't displayed on comments (Fixed)
  • Liking of comments has been broken (Fixed)

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