New updates, features, etc!

New updates, features, etc!

Listen up! There have been yet more updates to our precious Radio Rivendell! I've been adding features and messing around with old bugs. I hope this release will bring you some joy :)

  • Login changes – This is the most important one you need to know of! To fix the bug where you weren't able to be remembered when you logged in I had to rewrite some code and get rid of crap that actually just made things worse. Worth knowing now is that logging in is CASE SENSITIVE! It didin't used to be, but it is now. This means that if your username is "Elrond" with a capital E, you MUST login using a capital E, or your email address.
  • BB codes in the forum again – I've introduced BB codes to posts in the forum. Now we can add more styling again, like bild, italic, insert images and links like most of use are used to etc. I hope this works alright for you!
  • Private messaging (PMs) BETA – This functionality makes it possible to post private messages to your friends on the site. This functionality is still in a bit of a beta stage, but it should work properly for use to start to use it. Report any bugs to It is very hard to find you inbox actually, let's discuss where the link should be placed! :)
  • Guild Rooms BETA – With private guild rooms it will be possible for the guilds such as Elrond's Council to talk about things without other people eavesdropping. This is also still in beta, and might not work properly. But at least it works good enough for the first beta testing.
  • Bugs corrections – I have also corrected a few bugs that had been plaguing us lately: search in forums return unusable links to posts, comment form on the music was missing, etc.

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Hilly Greenfield

Hilly Greenfield 14 January, 2012 at 18:31 2

A lot new features! Thank you!


Elrond 14 January, 2012 at 19:02 2

You're welcome! I hope it all works as expected :)

Lord of Mordor

Lord of Mordor 14 January, 2012 at 19:05 0

Wow great job :D a bunch of new features. Enjoy everything :)