Composers for game wanted!

Composers for game wanted!

The software company Sinister Rainbow is looking for composers for a upcoming game. Their idea is to involve many talets from accross the globe in their production. They've contacted Radio Rivendell in order to find talented musicians to write their soundtrack!

Read all about it here: Composers wanted for the game "Monk"


Comments 20 March, 2012 at 00:17 0

We appreciate the responses. To answer some concerns, there are always projects that fail and you can feel that way about ours if you want. :) However, it's quite misleading to say no 3d games have been made without money, especially without understanding our project.

I don't want to be enlightening here, but Minecraft and Overgrowth are two rather obvious successes who had zero dollars. There are hundreds of other lesser known titles. In fact, the award winning game (for being the worst game of all time - Big Rigs ( was programmed by one guy and didn't have a goal or collision detection - and it sold 20,000 copies.

And actually, with little money it's much easier to turn a profit. If it's a failure to turn zero dollars into say only 50,000 sales at $20 - then we'll be a happy failure.

I also understand devs motivations, I have had 3 successful businesses in the past started with zero dollars, and grossed millions of dollars a year in revenue in my early 20s. I also understand the game industry, and since the development time for our project is not as tightly scheduled, we are using a technology that not only never gets old, it's the BEST technology out there - CryEngine 3 - which is constantly improved by CryTek (Makers of the Crysis series, and upcoming Warface).

Sorry to be a niceguy. Want to get advice from someone who saw successes and succeeded a few times himeself? PM me.


Etherlord 20 March, 2012 at 09:44 0

Nice guys don't use sarcasm :P. I'm not going into a dispute with You, just hard to believe You raised milions of dollars. You would afford professionals then. And no force in the world will make me write in this thread again, be it Your misunderstanding of my words or whatever, as I don't enjoy flamewars and as I said before I only wanted to give an advice and save people's time. Etherlord out.


Qeiynn 20 March, 2012 at 15:03 0

chillout guys! No need for duels in Rivendell:P

Even if the project fails completely, and by that I mean it gets abandoned after a while and never gets released, from my aspect, as a composer, I won't have nothing much to lose. It's not like I will spend a whole lot of time composing the complete score for the game. Just 1-2 music pieces, that if the project fails, I can keep them for myself or another project that fits the shoes.

Both of your opinions are reasonable.

I appreciate a lot that Etherlord is trying to remind us that reality's universe is a harsh and difficult one.

I also understand mr rainbow's optimism, as no project stands a chance if it starts with fear and doubts about its future.

Now lets go to the local tavern and have some wine! It's on me:P 20 March, 2012 at 17:27 0

I'm just messing Etherlord! Hack us apart all you want :) *slash* *slash* 50XP, power-up!

I should note tho, it's even better than that Qeiynn - and I should have made this more clear earlier - but --

Everyday on - a new mod or something special is posted related to projects using CryEngine3 (as we are). They rarely have anything like games or mods to show - but when they do, they show it, and show it prominently (and multiple times during a courses project). You can check yourself - they often times just list asset packs or whatever modders have made for others to use, just dying for real content to show off the Engine..

Anyway, so once we have a trailer ready - it has about 99.99999% chance to be listed there. Why is this important? Because cryengine sdk itself (just the latest tiny upgrade version 3.3.9 (up from 3.3.7) - just the latest VERSION got over 2 million downloads in the first 12 hours when I went to download it. - Game industry professionals, modders, people who will be in the game industry, all kinds of very important people read weekly, if not daily (you have to have an account there to use cryengine related things and for forum updates, etc.) - and the post lasts about a week. So this is excellent exposure for musicians.

(And this is just one place, not to mention maybe 3 views on youtube and 7 from family and friends who say they'll watch it (but only 2 do!))

Cieran Arts 15 May, 2012 at 22:57 0

I am an Ontario based musician/composer I am in a progressive metal band as well as my own solo stuff with a Cinematic/Industrial feel to it.

I am very interested in sharing my solo works as well as creating new compositions in order to fit a movie or short film or video game, or something of that nature.

I will gladly do it for very, very cheap; of course depending on what is asked of me.

You can check out my solo works at:




Thanks for your time,

Cieran Arts