Big update!

Big update!

Yay! I've done quite a big update today! Please report here with findings of bugs and thoughts in the forum thread.

  • New login and register popups
  • Better looking "Now Playing" box
  • Reworked artist, album and song pages with a cleaner layout using tabs
  • Forum has been tweaked with some new things in post listings
  • Added a user panel that drops down from the heading with XP bar and some small things. More things to come here some day!
  • Removed reCaptcha and added other security settings to prevent spambots
  • Glow effect behind logo, which also got some tweaks to it
  • Better webserver performance
  • Prepared to add UI-sounds
  • The new radio player is now out of beta! Webplayer is still in beta, it still doesn't work in Firefox, but I have set it as the default player anyway. There is a link to the old player for Firefox users.
  • All new red buttons!

What do you think? 



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