Open for Business!

Finally, there is a Guild for those of us who love to work with our hands. Although I personally like to use the mediums of wood, and especially leather, I know that there are many other resources used by others to fuel the outpouring of creativity: Fabric, stone, paint, food - you NAME IT.

My dream for this guild is for the artists within it to be mutually creative; a community of shared idea, tips, collaborations even.

Perhaps, as we develop, Lord Elrond will offer to us the opportunity to set up shop and sell, or at least show off - the creations of our hands.

Best of Luck to all -





As far as I know, this is not hacking (like in Hackaton) guild, it's a guild for tinker's on the website (like fixing some bugs), but well, if there's no other guild for that, this could be one. :D

I myself don't do much outside of computers. I limit crafting to fixing broken stuff at home, although I'd love to spend some time on real life crafting. 


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