Last donations & status report

Last donations & status report

Today I, Lord Elrond, bow to John Poff, Eisenhorn and Nicholas Vaccaro for their kind donations!

I've continued to work on the new update for the site and things are progressing, alas a bit on the slow side. Thing will hopefully become a lot nicer and fresher around Rivendell during the year. I'm doing a complete redesign and rebuild of more or less everything.

I'm also working to replace the main radio server with a new one. The current one we bought waaaaay back will be thrown into Mount Doom after the upgrade. It will have served us VERY well during the years. It's been running more or less 24-7 for about eight years I think without any major fixes, and that's pretty impressive :D

Head over to the forums to vent your thought and ideas on what you would like to see on Radio Rivendell in the future!

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