Lord Elrond is overwhelmed!

Lord Elrond is overwhelmed!

Phew, as some of you have noticed, your Lord Elrond has been away a little. But it's for a good cause! I've just been overrun by new music requests and a lot of email! I am slowly writing an answer to everyone and will listen to each and every track considering radio play. We will definitely have a surge of great new music for your listening pleasure!

So bear with me, I'm on it! :D




Conjurer 24 May, 2015 at 14:37 0

Can't wait to hear many new tracks :)

Hilly Greenfield

Hilly Greenfield 26 May, 2015 at 18:12 0

Good news!

It is interesting, how many composer and tracks in total do we have on RadioRivendell playlist?

Quest for Glory

Quest for Glory 26 May, 2015 at 18:45 0

That is a good question


Elrond 27 May, 2015 at 22:06 1

Currently we have 4914 tracks! I'm not totally sure regarding composers, over 260 at least :)


Zexetor1 4 June, 2015 at 16:44 0