Playing Radio Rivendell i iTunes, Winamp, etc.

Playing Radio Rivendell i iTunes, Winamp, etc.

Since we're back on the air, some of you cannot tune in again using Winamp, iTunes or other programs or devices. This has to do with me updating to new software and changing a few things on the main server. But all you have to do is to update your settings to use this address instead of the old one:

This address might change later on however, since this is the main radio server. And you will also be able to tune in to our relay servers around the globe, when they have aligned to this new world order as well :)

We've also currently dropped the AAC+ and 64kbit mono streams due to low use. But we'll add a lower bitrate stream later on, rest assured!

We will also look into setting up separate channels for different settings, such as a tavern channel, a channel for more vocal music, etc. Only the imagination is our limit here! Oh, and perhaps bandwidth :P

So, update your bookmarks and settings to this address:

Tune in!




MourningStar 16 January, 2016 at 19:41 0

thank you thank you thank you !!!! I was goin crazy thinking it was my machine

Leandro 17 January, 2016 at 17:34 0

Thanks a lot!!!