Latest donations

Latest donations

Our donations are one of the things keeping Radio Rivendell alive. It pays for hardware, software, coffee and utility bills. All things that need to be covered, plus it also gives a great incentive to keep on going. Our latest donations comes from the following kind people:

  • Jeffrey M Deck

  • Tyler

  • John Cudmore
  • Charles Houlton

Thank you all!

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tonecommander 16 August, 2016 at 21:41 0


I donated to the coffee fund and I don't see my name mentioned. Additionally, I donated an excellent Medieval original compilation album called Whisper 1265 and not only do you not play it, it's not even on your repetitiore. Please give Whisper 1265 a chance and enjoy the $50 American dollars I donated.

I love your station as much as I can.

On a more serious note. God bless beautiful Sweden and for God's sake save your women from rape and abuse.


David (Celtic descent) I still have a bone to pick from 800 AD you Vikings.



Elrond 20 August, 2016 at 18:35 0

tonecommander/David: Your donation and music will show up shortly, I've been on vacation and have been VERY offline! Rest assured, I'm back and will update all things :)

Thank you very much for the donation! :D