Compilation Volume 3

Compilation Volume 3

On this page we'll give you the status on the production of our third compilation album. We've made two physical CD albums thus far, but our third one will be all digital. We're starting totally from scratch with nothing more than an idea. That's where you come in! We're looking for around 15 newly written and unreleased tracks by unsigned composers, graphical artists for the artwork, writers for the booklets, people with great ideas and visions. Typically anyone interested in helping us producing the best compilation the community has ever seen or heard!

Our first compilation saw the light of day in 2007 and the second volume "The Book of War" in 2008, now it's time to join forces yet again and sit down and put together the third compilation. This time we'll doing it digitally without an initial CD release, perhaps we'll produce one if demand is high enough.

What do we need?

Putting together a compilation is not really difficult, but we want to do something better than just a bunch of MP3 tracks. We want to create a sort of concept album where tracks are custom made to fit into a story, something that we did with "The Book of War". It much more fun to listen to the soundtrack to a story rather than just the music. That's where the community comes in! By making a little effort we can create something great together! Below is an unfinsihed list of things to do.


We'll probably go for a relase on Bandcamp or similar. Do you know of a better place? We'll sell the album pretty cheap in order to rather sell more of it. The money will be split between Radio Rivendell and the collaborators of the album. So YES, you will perhaps be able to make a shiny or two, but we're mainly in it for the fun of producing something together rather than get filthy rich, something I doubt we'll become anyway ;)

Help us!

What else? Please help us out! We'll create this for and with you. Are you good at music or graphics? Or do you have a friend who you think would like to show their name  out there? All help is wanted and needed :)

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