Musicians wanted!

Yes, that's right! Radio Rivendell is always looking for more music to supply to its listeners. So if you are a composer or band composing fantasy or soundtrack music and want to spread your music through Rivendell, please give us details of your existence and we'll make the world know of you! Please read the submission rules below!

You can give us hints through our forum, so register as a member, login and write a description of yourself and your music in our threads on new music! Or you can send us CDs or music directly. You can also donate CDs and other merchandise as prizes for competitions we can set up.

The more information you provide the more we'll present to our listeners! We love to give as much support as possible back, so provide at least an album cover image and some short biography, plus website links, myspace pages, amazon-links etc. Everything will be displayed you artist and album pages.

Submission rules

In order to speed things up and to correctly quote the track, album and composer when playing the music you must follow a few rules. If you don't follow these rules your submission will probably just be dropped.

Submission policy

When it comes to what we play, we have our standards and ambitions, see below. We will announce all new music in the news section when adding new music. If your music don't make it to the radio you will unfortunately not be notified.

CD and stuff

You can send us CDs and other merchandise to the following address. It doesn't say Radio Rivendell, but it's where Radio Rivendell and Lord Elrond has his office, so everything marked with this address will reach Radio Rivendell. 

Anders Dahlgren
Stenhålt 250
442 92 Romelanda