Bandwidth donation

We'd be more than happy to have you onboard as a relay server, just follow the guide below! Remember to keep in mind that a relay server consumes a lot of bandwidth. And that your connection needs to be stable enough, or our listeners might get drop-outs due to too low bandwidth.

  1. Download and install Icecast 2 (
  2. The configuration file, icecast.xml, contains a few fields that need to be updated.
  3. The "authentication" tag contains default passwords “hackme”. Replace these with stronger passwords so people cannot log in and administrate your stream.
  4. The "hostname" tag must be updated to reflect the domain name or IP address that listeners will use to connect to the server. Examples: or
  5. "listen-socket" should be set to whatever port you want to run the radio server on. The default here is 8000.
  6. Configure the server to relay from Radio Rivendell’s master server. Documentation for this is here.
  7. Radio Rivendell’s details are as following:

    Port: 8000
    Username: relay
    Password: relayrivendell
  8. Example configuration:


  9. Restart the Icecast server for the changes to go in effect.
  10. Forward the port you selected in 5. in your firewall.
  11. Drop Elrond a PM or an email with your server details and he'll add it to the radio server rotation!