Winners - 2005

These are the winners from 2005 of Radio Rivendell's annual Fantasy Awards.

Best fantasy game soundtrack

1. World of Warcraft
2. Guild Wars - Jeremy Soule
3. Fable
4. Jade Empire - Jack Wall

Best song from fantasy game

1. Crystal Oasis, Guild Wars by Jeremy Soule
2. Legends of Azeroth, World of Warcraft by Jason Hayes et. al.
3. Seasons of War, World of Warcraft by Jason Hayes et. al.
4. Zanarkand, Final Fantasy X

Best soundtrack composer

1. Jeremy Soule
2. Michael Hoenig
3. Jack Wall
4. Jason Hayes

Best unsigned artist

1. Helen Trevillion
2. Cryo
3. Balaghan
4. Patrice Deceuninck
5. The Wimshursst's Machine

Best song by unsigned artist

1. 'The Mermaid Part I: The Storm' by Helen Trevillion

"Very exciting!! And, um, unexpected. But
I like nice surprises. xD;; Thank you!
- This gave me a little boost and that was just what I needed! :) I'm really
very touched and happy that people are enjoying my music. *nod nod* So, um,
yes. Thank you. :)" / Helen

2. 'The Grey Havens' by Monochord
3. 'Rising From the Ashes' by Cryo
4. 'The Call of Adventure (The Alchemist, pt.1)' by The Wimshurst's Machine
5. 'Ghosts of Fallow Grounds' by The Wimshurst's Machine

Best fantasy website

1. Encyclopedia of Arda
2. Elfwood
3. Fantasy Fan
4. The Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza

And now the winners in the voting competition!

"A Tribute to Uglakh":
1. spiraldance
2. witchywanda
3. TwinTurbo
4. Elith

"Secrecy" by Encryption:
1. pis7li
2. Exsyle

"Nosferamor" by Encryption:
1. Uinen
2. King Mirrors

Official Radio Rivendell mugs:
1. Sir Daniel of Bedford
2. CelticPaladin

Congratulations! The items will be shipped when I have purchased all the boxes and stamps. Thanks for voting and keep your eyes open for upcoming competitions.