Winners - 2006

These are the winners from 2006 of Radio Rivendell's annual Fantasy Awards.

Game fantasy soundtrack/album

A classic Jeremy Soule soundtrack with strong fantasy feeling, already a classic!

WINNER! The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Jeremy Soule
Gothic 3 - Kai Rosenkranz
Guild Wars: Nightfall - Jeremy Soule
Dreamfall - The Longest Journey - Leon Willett

Best song from fantasy game/album

Erdenstern's Into the Red is an epic hero theme with wonderful power and feeling. Unbeatable!

WINNER! Into the Red, Into the Red by Erdenstern
Vista Point, Gothic 3 by Kai Rosenkranz
Reign of the Septims, Oblivion by Jeremy Soule
Kian's Theme, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey by Leon Willet

Best Fantasy Composer

Erdenstern takes on yet another fantasy album aimed at roleplayers. And once again they excel in their performance, simply brilliant!

WINNER! Erdenstern
Jeremy Soule, Kai Rosenkranz, Leon Willet

Dear Radio Rivendell listeners,
We're flattered. Already the nomination was a great honour for us. In a way, we felt a little like "among the big guys" with Jeremy, Kai and Leon nominated in the same categories. The bigger was our surprise when we read who won!
When we founded Erdenstern two years ago, we had no idea we'd get this far in that short a time. But the feedback we have got so far and the feedback we're still getting is very encouraging. It's like shouting against a mountain range, and having the echoes come back even hours later...
And being voted "Best Fantasy Composer" is the mega-master-feedback of them all! Thank you very, very much.
We have had a fun time on Radio Rivendell so far (it's still kind of strange, when from time to time you think "Hey! I know that tune..."), and we hope you will enjoy our next albums as much as the ones you already heard!

Best unsigned artist

Sean brings us big and epic fantasy music (plus other genres) and he is dedicated to sharing his wonderful work through his website. Hollywood next?

WINNER! Sean Beeson
Averil 'Tincolindo' White, Paul Houseman, Matti Paalanen, David John, Richard Durand

Best song by unsigned artist

Paul Houseman from Finland brings us many superior pieces, this is just one of them. To Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt: Be afraid, be very afraid! Paul is right at you!

WINNER! Aetherius by Paul Houseman
'Hovering Metropolis'' by Sean Beeson
'Priestess of Avalon' by Averil 'Tincolindo' White
'Faire' by Celestial Aeon Project

Best fantasy website

For the second year in a row, Encyclopedia of Arda wins a smashing win, totally crushing the competition. The evergrowing encyclopedia is the only site you need to visit if you need to know anything on Tolkien's world.

WINNER! Encyclopedia of Arda
The Council of Elrond

Best fantasy art

Surajo has created this wonderful and humorous piece on what Lord Elrond of Radio Rivendell looks like when he's sitting in his studio.

WINNER! Lord Elrond by Surajo
Winter Stairs by Thalin
Tink by Kristin Kemper
Tantulus by Hugo Baur