New to town

New member introductions

New citizens, post your introductions and greetings here!

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General Music

This forum is for general talk about music.

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Hints on new music

Post hints on music not already on Radio Rivendell.

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General Fantasy


Fantasy art...

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26 March, 2017 by Vrapogat

Computer Games

A forum for discussion of fantasy computer games.

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Fantasy Music

Talk about fantasy music.

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Films & TV

Discuss fantasy movies here

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Discussions regarding fantasy literature.

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Roleplaying Games

Discussions regarding fantasy roleplaying games.

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Writing in the Works


Write your OWN poems here.

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Write your OWN stories here.

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Merchandise & Webshop


Here we'll announce new items in the shop and take suggestions on what items to add in the future.

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Here we'll have Radio Rivendells official competitions and presentation of winners.

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General Fun

This forum holds various junk and fun stuff.

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General Talk

Just talk that doesn't fit in elsewhere.

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Help Radio Rivendell!

Here we present different paths you can walk to help Radio Rivendell out

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Radio Rivendell Fantasy Awards

Discussion regarding the annual Fantasy Awards

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Radio Rivendell newsletters

We'll discuss our new and forthcoming newsletters here. Feel free to join in! We need all your help

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Forum Roleplaying

Out of Character Discussions

Discussions that are not taken place in the session between the characters, but between the players.

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Roleplaying takes place here, in this forum.

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The Library

There's our resource for roleplaying stories, characters, items etc.

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Coming attractions

Here we'll present what will show up in the future

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Errors & Problems

This forum is used to report errors and various problems with Radio Rivendell.

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Improvements & Suggestions

Post improvement ideas and stuff that can develop Radio Rivendell further here.

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Planned radio downtime

Here Elrond will announce planned radio downtime.

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14 March, 2012 by Elrond

Rivendell hardware

Here we will discuss Rivedell hardware

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Merchandising talk

Merchandising talk

Here we discuss what kind of merchandise you would like and different layouts and stuff.

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