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Hi there, 

I postet this piece almost exactly five years ago in a very early version (it was actually more of a MIDI mockup) and now in the last few weeks I've been working on it again very intensively. The whole thing was recorded with new and – hopefully – more realistic orchestral samples and re-arranged here and there. I would be happy to get some feedback, especially on the mix or the sound in general and what could be improved. Synthetically realizing an entire orchestra on a PC is really a science in itself (at least for me) and I must honestly admit that it took me at least two to three times as long for recording and mixing in the sequencer that for the actual composition in the notation program.


As a video with excerpts from both score and sequencer: 


Thanks for your feedback


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Excellent. Love it. It's exactly the kind of thing I like.

I'm not going to be much help giving feedback on the subjects you mention. If you want to talk about the movies in the track's description on Soundcloud, or the novels of Rafael Sabatini, I'm your man. But with regard to the technical aspects of music production or composition, I'm kind of a dunce.

Thank you for posting. I hope your get the song to Elrond. I'd like to hear it on this station.


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Yoho, glad you like it, my lad! I really put hours and hours of work into it, but I am happy to see that it's paid off! I'm gonna send a carrier pigeon to Rivendell when entering the Gulf of Lhûn next time

I am a huge fan of the swashbuckler genre, too and of course I used to include similiary themed characters in my DnD sessions as a DM. So what's the best Sabatini novel to start with? Never read any of his work, but I'd love to give it a try.

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Great work, Dunge! It's quite an enjoyable listen and eaaasily fits with Radio Rivendell. In fact I think it SHOULD be a part of the regular rotation. I'll also relisten on a better sound card to give more in-depth feedback.