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Hi guys. New here. Just registered an account to ask this question!

Why can't I see any of the merch in the stores?

I'd like to buy a CD but I can't find where to do it.

Any help would be appreciated!



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HEREis a link to the RR webshop. I konw that you can find some of the CDs other places for US distribution, but I am not sure where.

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Aaawww, I'm ashamed! I had an intention of getting new gear in there sooner than I thought. This reminds me that I REALLY should get some things done

My intention also is to provide limited edition items to keep up "value" of the things you actually buy. For example there will never ever be any of the mugs with our current logo we sold earlier. To those of you who got one ... you don't need to keep it secret, but keep it safe!

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