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Peasant (Level 5)
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20 Spells of fire and 13 spells of air

and at least a half a dozen spells for cleaning underwear.

There's 15 spells I know for light of varying degrees

and a spell I worked up yesterday to conjure up a breeze.

The Dwarves know spells of earth and stone for finding gems and gold

and the Elves are versed in ancient magics, secret and untold.

I met a goblin once upon a journey 'cross the land

who claimed he knew a spell for making cupcakes out of sand.

My knowledge and my wisdom grow with every magic spell

but so to does my ignorance, burning questions still to quell.

I know each incantation, forwards, backwards, left, and right

in at least 2 dozen languages that I can both speak and write.

My repertoire is vast and wide as the deepest, bluest sea

but the spell I never learned was one to keep you here with me.

Captain (Level 20)
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Ha! One of the more unique poems I've seen for sure. Certainly took a sad twist at the end there. Nicely done.

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Peasant (Level 5)
304 XP

I struggled with deciding whether to write a whimsical poem from top to bottom, but ultimately I had a goal in mind with this one and it was important to have that little turn of the knife at the end to reflect the title of the poem.