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The Encounter

I was wandering in the wilderness , in my endless misfortune. The sun lay full and furious, torturing me in each step. The misfortune touched my door. I was alone , without food and water. At this rate I'd be dead in a few hours . Suddenly, I noticed a silhouette on the horizon and figure resembled that of a person , I was really exhausted had not yet succumbed to madness and knew that it could not be a human being in these seedy abandoned wastelands . But as I approached I could see and in the end it was a man, aged with a big beard the color of snow, poorly dressed but with eyes that inspired wisdom. When I looked at the man came running towards me saying :

-Oh friend of mine ! How good I meet you , no soul whatsoever for these roads and I have a great desire to sell my goods !

- Who are you?

-Oh , but where were my manners ! Excuse me, but anyway I'll have to protect my true identity for another time.

- Never been to my liking the mysterious , but by this time I'll make an exception due to the place where our meeting was held.

-How much goodness in your heart !

- Nor do I like the sarcastic and sycophants , lets avoid these kind conversations .

- As you wish , Sir, but I'm not mysterious at all, just let things happen in due time. So I'll introduce myself as what I really am .

- And you are?

-A merchant of course!

- A merchant ?

-Sure you do!

- Right in this place a merchant ? In this accursed place where there is no man ! Where death is the only company with which one can get to find ! A merchant here! Do not make me laugh!

- Lord I assure you it is true .

- Oh really? And where is your merchandise , where the instruments or capital gains of which you refer ? The only thing I see before me is an old flatterer , liar, mysterious and above !

-By the gods that I am telling the truth! I am a merchant , and of the best ones !

-This Fortune of mine! All I expect is a certain and horrible death , and on top I have to fall prey to the lies and traps of an old man who lost his head !

-Then your fortune smiles on you, my friend ! What I sell is the most precious thing you can get !

- Enough talk, let me pass .

-But sir ! Not even wondered what I have for sale!

-No! And I'm not interested .

- Agreed. I respect your decision , I'll leave it then go on your way , I recognize where that leads .

- Where ir leads?

- To death of course.

- All roads lead to death.

- True, but yours is already ending ,unlike mine that have years ahead !

- You really think that? We're both doomed to die here, that perhaps you have not noticed ?

- You are wrong Sir, I'm not going to die here ,and all thanks to my product !

- And what is that product?

- Hmm, you said that was not interested...

-Now I'm interested !

- Do you really care?

- If it can save my life , of course.

-Excellent ! But I must warn you that my product is only for a few!

-Tell me once what is it !

-Ah ! I sell most precious to men. What you all think have but only a few actually possess.

-No more talk and reveal the secret !

- I sell illusions .

- Say what?

- I sell illusions , that indomitable power that drives us to follow our desires and get the most wonderful things.

- But how is it possible for a person to sell illusions ? You are a fraud , a liar and a cheater !

- Lord , I assure you I am not.

- Oh no? Show me an illusion then.

- I can not .

-Aha! I knew it!

- It's not what you think.

- Is it not??

- No. You can't ask me to show you a memory, you can not ask me to show virtue. It is also why it would be naive of you ask me to show you an illusion.

- As I said , you are a charlatan and a liar .

- Why?

-Because you're trying to sell something that does not exist!

- The illusions does not exist?

- I must admit it, you are a man with way for words . And that restores my theory that you are a liar and a charlatan .

- Why do you think that?

-Because with tricks you try to deceive me and make me think that my thinking is wrong !

- So every time someone proves to you that you'are wrong that man actually is trying to fool you?

- Do you se? You did it again !

- Lord I assure you that the last thing I want is to confuse you.

-By the gods you're persistant! Okay, then explain me how will you avoid dying in this place.

- That is my secret .

- Not helping at all, and do you recognize it, right?

- Unfortunately I've noticed it, but what happens is that you are asking the wrong questions .

- Oh really? Why I'm asking the wrong questions?

- Because you are demanding much of me and very little of yourself

- That's a lie .

- I do not think so , you ask me how I'm going to save me, rather than ask yourself how will you save yourself .

- I 've lost the little faith and hope that I had .

- Why did you lost it?

-Do you not see me! Look at me , I'm desperate , exhausted, without food or water , left to the cruel Fortune who insists every minute that passes to make my life harder and harder!

- And I always thought that the tears of fate were hiding shyly in the eyes of Fortune. Well, I think that the difficulties of life are a blessing.

- They are not.

-Of course they are ! These are the circumstances in which we have to find a way to succeed. The place in which we find the strength and desire to move forward, to improve ourselves . The difficulty is where we find ourselves Sir. The moments in which you decide your worth .

- I have no worth.

- We all have , just need to find it.

- Not if there is no will to do so.

- Of course not , and it is a path that everyone must do on their own . But there's always someone around to give us even a little push .

- And you'd come to be that someone ?

-Of course not ! I do not even know your name, but what I mean is that my product would save you.

Both of us were silent for a moment, until I came to mind memories of my life . My beloved Tenea abandoned me for some money , she wanted to spend the rest of his life surrounded by luxury and comfort that I could not provide . Although I was heartbroken I continued loving her and wanting to be happy wherever she found . My brother Hermes that I lost while surfing the sea , may Poseidon has treated him with love to deposit him in Hades to find the rest he deserved . But mostly I will miss my studies , my research to which I had devoted so much effort . My writings that were progressing slowly with incredible stories that have thrilled many , and that even the hardest hearts would miss them difficult to handle the pressure of such a beautiful melody of beauty.

All this made me think I wanted to live , that would not die yet. That this stormy life was in it's way really beautiful, and it was worth it, supporting misfortunes pressed upon us by the design of the impetuous Fortune.

At that point I got up and shout loud and high that I still did not wanted to die . That I would find a way to escape that damn desert .

-I'm getting out of here! I'm not dead yet ! Goodbye old man, hopefully with your product you can escape this desert too.

- Before you go, I'd like you to paid me .

- Pay you ?

-As the price of illusion ! You have purchased an illusion! And unfortunately even though I try they are not refundable.

-You're a intriguing folk old man ! The only thing I can give you is my infinite gratitude, since I have not see anything of value with me right now.

- Yes you have it. You have many things to be invaluable to you. But there is one in particular that I would ask .

- And what is it?

- Your friendship .


My apologies for the wrong writing, english is not my natural language.

I hope you like the tale anyway. Thanks for passing by.

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