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The Pittsburgh Penguins have been busy piecing together the puzzle for their next run at the Stanley Cup, and I’ve got some thoughts on their off season.

Here are 10 thoughts on the Pittsburgh Penguins off season so far

1. Acquiring Ryan Reaves snapped a, nearly exclusive, trend of being a possession driven, fast paced, high octane offensive monster. The reasoning behind the move is pretty cut and dry teams took cheap shots at the Pens stars in the post season and Rutherford didn’t like it.

If you’ve been paying attention to Sidney Crosby’s entire career you’ll notice that cheap shots on the games best player have been consistently present since he entered the league – regardless of who was on the team.

What Ryan Reaves brings is replacement level shot generation, negligible offense and 3rd 4th line shot suppression. Essentially he’s a player who doesn’t bring much to the table based on the type of game the Penguins play – and the cost to acquire was criminal.

2. Of all the defenders to go after for a short term deal, Matt Hunwick wouldn’t have been my first choice – but then again I’ve painfully watched him with Toronto on his last deal.

The problem with Hunwick in Toronto wasn’t Hunwick himself – it was his usage.

The Leafs tried to force Hunwick to be a bigger role player and, initially, that was the right call. But that turned out to be a false narrative. He was over used in not only minutes Olli Maatta Jersey, but in his role with the team throughout his time in the six.

In Hunwick lies a player who, if utilized properly, can be an effective player. He’s a very good bottom pairing player and a salvageable second pair if need be. That’s exactly the role he’ll be looking at in Pittsburgh, so it’s not a bad signing at all.

3. Niemi is a risky choice, because he hasn’t played well the last four seasons. That being said, it was all in a starting – or split starting – role for both the Sharks and Stars.

There is a chance that Niemi can have a better production rate playing in minimal games, which is what the Pittsburgh Penguins need. The price was right at 700K and further