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Hobo (Level 1)
43 XP

Hello. I'm Ellie, long-time listener and only made an account today to post the question above. It's very crippling without the Last Played list

But to the point, can someone identify this song for me?

Footman (Level 13)
2806 XP

I'll keep my ears open for it, not heard this before, but I'll find it, eventually, it will be found.

Living Legend (Level 32)
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Aw crap, I know this one. I've heard it, like it and... cannot place it

Have you tried running it through Soundhound?

Friggin Lord Elrond!

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Hobo (Level 1)
43 XP

I finally found it!!! It's called Miserere Mei by Marcos Ciscar ft. Viktoria Tocca