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Lowlife (Level 1)
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I LOVE the LOTR soundtracks but have played them to death, I want to buy the Gladiator and King Arthur soundtracks and one other. I was wondering whether anyone could recommend to me a truly excellent film soundtrack (in the style of LOTR)?

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Warcraft 3 is very good , and ,, the lst samurai" from fantasy music i don't know ;(

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Ken J.
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Hanz Zimmer - Last Samourai - Pirates of the carribean also

All depends on what type of song you like more. Strong and powerful

or slow and emotionnal

Pirates of the carribean can boost you up with courage and strenght

Last Samourai will bring inner peace, with a touch of sadness,(makes you think about the movie and what white people can deliver, "you know what im talking about...") Honor of the warrior and peace of the monk.