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How come I can't tune in to Radio Rivendell?

I tried tunning with media player and got an error:

"Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the server is not responding. If you entered a URL or path to play the file, verify that it is correct. If you clicked a link to play the file, the link may not be valid."

Please help..

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Ken J.
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My guess is the server is soo busy answering to all the Connection request.. it gives sometime errors.

Keep trying.. It will work... someday..

One time I spended the entire day trying to connect on the 128 kbps station. Being not successful...

Only 20 slots available.. Imagine how many trys to connect at the same time..

Radio Rivendell is very popular.

I think

Well it is to me at least. I never gived money for donation for something on the net.. First time being Rivendell.. Its a most for me now.

Best net radio I ever connected to.

Except maybe Gaming FM wich has some nice stuff too **yes even the 8bit NES music from Batman** lol What is it you say ? Ill tell you..

Nostalgie (dont know how to say it in english)