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Greetings Elrond:

I just wanted to see if you could tell me what programs/methods you are using to extract the music and audio from games like Diablo, Final Fantasy, or even the DVD movies. I know that the DVD can be easily ripped with a program like Clone DVD, but the games seem to embed the music files deeper.

The best program I have found is Game Audio Player as suggested by this tutorial -- http://www.tweaktown.com/document.php?d ... de&dId=421 but the program has not been update for a few years. If you have any better suggestions can you please enlighten me?

Thanks, and your station rules!


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Some games have the music in mp3-format. Microsofts Fable had the tunes nice and neatly named in a music folder But most probably they are not that easy to get to. Most of the music has been "donated" by listeners. It was some time ago that I tried ripping myself. Back in the good ol' Atari ST time I just opened the large files in my audioprogram and saw if I found some music, then just cut it out and save it. Sometimes they use some other bit/byte coding of the audio. I can't be of much help right now. I have a few games that I will try out to "attack"

Anybody else who knows of useful techniques or programs?

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Well, to extract the D2 music I used a program called MPQ extractor (search by google). Is a program used to create mods for D2, starcraft, and many blizzard games.

In other games, I use to search the "file extension" (audio, music, etc) and "extractor" in google, and search what happens...

In other cases, is easy as extract with winrar, or search in the folders of the game. If you want more, just ask!