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hi...i hope somebody can help me..

i heard a song on the radio here....

it is the first song wich is playing when you open the radio stream.

its a short intro from the radiostation...there is a man speaking (ca.5-7 sec.) then is the sample i search the song from this intro...

can sombody help me?

mfg artist


here you can have a look for the sample:

the 3rd station , to beginn there is an intro...

can somebody help?

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It's a snippet from Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack. Don't remember exactly which track. Just a short passage from one of the songs there. We've had a discussion on this somewhere here in the forums. Do a search and you'll probably find. "A knife in the Dark" pops up in my head, not sure. There are actually two songs, we have three jingles with two different songs. However both are from the Fellowship of the Ring.

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...thank you, youre the best