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Okay, I'm going to feel like an idiot after I ask this, but I can't seem to be able to listen to a specific song. LIke, when I click on one? It only goes to an information page. Is there any way to click on the songs to listen to them? Or do you just have to go by the player, listening to whatever song is on?

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I sort of had the same question initially when I started listening, specifically I wondered if Elrond had music from Bram Stoker's Dracula on the playlist, because I had not heard it yet after about a week of dedicated listening. I believe there is no way to listen to a song you specifically want to here, you simply turn on the player and enjoy what is ever on at the moment. However, this is where the voting comes into place. While I can understand your wanting to here a specific track, I think you should just put on the player and enjoy the ride!! In time your songs will be on.

PS- I could be completely overlooking a function within the site or the player, if I am then by all means someone please correct me!


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It is correct. This is a radio station so you will have to settle with the fact that you'll have to wait and listen Though, everything we have on the playlist WILL be played at some time. So until it plays do what Dain suggested, enjoy the ride (and listen to a bunch of other great tracks you never heard before). In the future we will perhaps feature individual listening of tracks, though only tracks we have official permission to play in this manner. It's all a question of law and copyright.

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..I am a little disheartened though...Oh well. I've already heard at least fifteen awesome songs that I wouldn't have heard otherwise!