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Yesterday I was looking for some good music to listen in winamp radio, & a friend of mine linked me to this site , i'm amazed the variety of soundtracks from movies & games you guys have, I'm a fan of OST, specially from games (like baldur's gate 2, diablo 2, morrowind, etc.).

Now my question is where i could get the Starcraft music, download it or get an utility to extract the music from the game (i've noticed a 200mb music file in the gamer installation folder), or in case the music is copyrighted where could i buy it ?


btw, do the 64kb streams work ? because i have a 512kb internet connection & sometimes when i'm listening to the 128kb stream the buffer times out.

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Don't know if the Starcraft music is out on CD. You can extract it yourself. What I usually do at first is to put each and every interesting file in winamp to see if is playable. Most of the time they use some sort of MP3-encoding and you'll be able to listen to it. Then just fire up your sound editor and open the file. If you run into file extension problems or something, just let winamp write the output to a WAV-file and then open up that file. Then just get whatever you want. Though you miss out on the song names this way though, but it's fairly easy and works

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thanks for the info elrond

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You can use this small program: MPQ view

With it, you can open the mpq files from many Blizzard games (Diablo, Starcratf, Warcraft...)