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I just heard a song from the Legend soundtract at about 11:00am easern time. I am not sure about the name exactly.

However the player was showing that

Claudia's Allegro Agitato from Interview with the Vampire by Elliot Goldenthal was playing at 17:06 CET

Might wanna check it out, lol, Tangerine Dream sounds nothing like the music from IwtV.

Uh-oh, another one....

I just heard the Agitato! under the picture and name for Rejthar/Tach/Za Frumi...

I'm quite sure this was wrong, as the screaming violen from Inverview with the Vampire during the scene when Claudia is ripping her dolls off the body on her bed are quite... unique.

There maybe a mistake with the whole playlist, I'm not sure. I hope not, that's gonna be alot of work...

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Some old tracks can be miscredited. I blame Kazaa and the stupid kids out there for that. Za Frûmi should not be miscredited though, I have their CDs right here. Though.. remember this... What you hear in your player and what shows up on the site doesn't match all the time. You see, my radio server posts the current playing tune to the webserver when a new song starts playing. That is on the master radio server. Then there are a bunch of "helping hands" , rebroadcasters, listening in on the main radio server and then they send what they hear, so there is quite a delay of what starts playing on the main radio server and what you will hear, since you are "listening to old music" Do you get it? I may have made things worse? This is mentioned in the FAQ.

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lol yeah I got it, lol